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Revolution is knocking, resolution is knowledge,
Get your hand out my pocket, NO WEAPON MADE CAN CONQUER my inner pain, that started my evolution of rhyming, persecuted indicted they instituted the violence that started my Defiance, give no respect or reliance, LESS MEN GET RICH THAN ONES WHO DIE TRYING, less making commitments dollars have no bias, show you how to move in a den full of lions, if the dinner ain't cooking you got to know where to find it, even if you paint pretty you can't change the climate in my inner Sanctum, my hard work is thankless bold print the statement, I can show you something that's suited for all ages, back when I used to hide the heist in crawl spaces, all for the cause to blank slate your faces, from the sentence to cemetery real-life visionary, not preliminary, my kingdom is ruled by Vikings, why we can't have nice things, when that hunger Rings watch how they resort to biting, why I look crookedly took from me everything, off the rope and out the tree to WASHINGTON BOOKER T., watch the way you talk to me because I speak awfully, even when mocking me you got to do it awkwardly, often dark thoughts speak giving me these allergies when I sneeze WHOSE GONNA BLESS ME, counted one blessing and then it got depressing, not down to get seen with your team stop suggesting we, make it our business to see and remain different same day different dark feeling black state of living, counterfeits keep trying to hack my religion, EVERY NIGHT I PRAY LET ALL BUT THE WACK BE FORGIVEN, aye my igna you're nobody til they make a wax figure, rap cinema, call the minister what I administer is Sinister, PIVOTAL PITIFUL CRIMINAL LYRICAL PRISONER, remember the signature when I deliver the finisher, born and risen with Menace miniatures, dropped dead center in this sinners dilemma, don't make fun of the surface they just ain't used to the tremors, why I keeping this sweet life my pocket of bitters, makes my air a bit thinner IM WHAT REMAINS ON THE FILTER, you should be more considerate pay your anguish of visit, RAIDED THE VILLAGE JUST TO MAKE THE PLACE MORE MILITANT, painted a image and I DON'T GIVE A BRAILLE WHO FEELING IT, mail the sentiment why I'm out breaking my ligaments, snatching your blocks citizens filling them with degenerates.


from Marlowe, released July 13, 2018


all rights reserved



L'Orange North Carolina

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