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Nothing matters, Nothing changes
Nihilism, Niggas Nary listen.
Cold world, vanilla sky, Cryogenics.
I been keeping all the work in a silo, bitches.

Look at how I give it, Look at how they spin it.

Look at how I’m moving, fuck it look at how I’m living.
Foyer before the kitchen, it’s best mind ya business.
It’s best to mind your manners, I always peep a scammer
like I went to sway for answers. You driving get away, I float off in a paper lantern. I love my style so much, I’d die before I let you cramp it. I heard they run a muck, I’m solo dolo running rampant. My bag gon run a tangent, Forever a money magnet

I heard the ambulance, it sound like Amberlin.
I got a heavy heart, why did you have to go so hard?
We could have caught a feeling, We coulda caught a charge.
You had to play it cool, I had to play my part.

Nothing changes,Some things matter
Nihilism,I could try to listen
Cold world, vanilla sky, light emissions.
I been doing all the numbers like a mathematician.

Look at how I give it, Look at how they spin it.

Don’t believe it. The opposition move like roaches when the shit gets heated. We played the game just like a getaway, the way we speeding. Going with no rhyme or reason, Consistency like the seasons the way we left em cheated. We out in North Miami, My baby never mess around she keep the hammer handy. Fuck a case, I’m in a beach-house drinking summer shandy. These niggas prolly get inditements before they win a grammy.


from Imaginary Everything, released May 7, 2021


all rights reserved



L'Orange North Carolina

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