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Imaginary Everything

by L'Orange & Namir Blade

Kept it a million I want a billion I want a grammy just so I can stun on your family. Watch how you moving Watch what you doing Don’t you get handsy I keep the razor blade handy. As far as the day goes. Don’t you test me, got all of the killers on payroll They’ll tap your man, and his fam and his partner for pesos. Pay off the lawyer and DA they calling it cased closed. Might fuck around go blackout. Bitches lie to my face, I’m return of the mack now. Roll a wood, if you focused on blowing your stack out. I done came too far in this game to fumble, or back out I ain’t dropped the ball. Future looking odd. Had to kill em all. Catch a fucking stray, Fuck em anyway They was in the way Going for the Jugular Watch how you talking to me and the boys we might slug at ya. Fuck I’ll pull your card, when your number is up. Went through the valley death and it humbled us. Niggas can’t run with us, We could run laps around all of you niggas from sun up to sun up Since Run up get done up was popping, and niggas was popping on niggas and mary was poppins. I popped it off, now these suckers is jocking. I’m the opps to the opps Benediction if you didn’t listen Fuck your trophy fuck your props Speech is over go to intermission
Lyra 02:47
We could be the next best thing. All you do is follow my lead. I seen how the vultures was moving, there ain’t nothing I can’t out maneuver. We living on borrowed time, You driving too fast, if we crash you can’t borrow mine. A lot of niggas act tough, but never could follow mine. I never fall back, all I know is to fall in line. The only time I perform is for the cameras. Yeezy taught me flashing lights can be so dangerous. deeply rooted move the earth just like a graveler.This ain’t the line of work for no amateurs. The only time I cry is for my close up. They ain’t never seen our faces but they know us. People gossip, people lie, it’s so atrocious. My resume all cap, you wouldn’t know from talking to me. Move like I’m all that. Made a hunnid thousand stuffing pack into ball bats. I made a hunnid million just from fucking up contracts. We get it by any means.I told her there ain’t na’an nother nigga to come between. If you play your cards right, we could be money machine. It’s funny how a scammer and a dancer make money clean. The profit been switching hands. We get away clean, dirt bike in the minivan. We sliding to the stash house, just gimmie a minute man. Sleeping with the strap red coats vs minute men
Nihilism 02:49
Nothing matters, Nothing changes Nihilism, Niggas Nary listen. Cold world, vanilla sky, Cryogenics. I been keeping all the work in a silo, bitches. Look at how I give it, Look at how they spin it. Look at how I’m moving, fuck it look at how I’m living. Foyer before the kitchen, it’s best mind ya business. It’s best to mind your manners, I always peep a scammer like I went to sway for answers. You driving get away, I float off in a paper lantern. I love my style so much, I’d die before I let you cramp it. I heard they run a muck, I’m solo dolo running rampant. My bag gon run a tangent, Forever a money magnet I heard the ambulance, it sound like Amberlin. I got a heavy heart, why did you have to go so hard? We could have caught a feeling, We coulda caught a charge. You had to play it cool, I had to play my part. Nothing changes,Some things matter Nihilism,I could try to listen Cold world, vanilla sky, light emissions. I been doing all the numbers like a mathematician. Look at how I give it, Look at how they spin it. Don’t believe it. The opposition move like roaches when the shit gets heated. We played the game just like a getaway, the way we speeding. Going with no rhyme or reason, Consistency like the seasons the way we left em cheated. We out in North Miami, My baby never mess around she keep the hammer handy. Fuck a case, I’m in a beach-house drinking summer shandy. These niggas prolly get inditements before they win a grammy.
Ladies and gentlemen scholars and simpletons, I take you back in time to where I was the middle man. I was dead broke, money came to a dead halt. Niggas was sleeping on the god, I prayed the bed broke. I had to tunnel under, felt like an anaconda how I had to move through genres. I had a dream in Tijuana I ain’t see manana. Since I woke up I been going 99 bananas Bounce x3 from point to point I gotta go. Ask me what the time or the date I don’t know. I been spending time on the road from the crib, to the car, to the couch, to the mutherfucking floor. Tunnel snake, basilisk, snack on funnel cake ravenous, hone my craft with this. Rookie year, I might castle this, Hazardous, show my ass with this bag and this, Iron flask. When the iron flash make you masochist. Pray there’s something after this, mary magdalene. Line full of bitches when I go madeline. They all got bags from Birken to Madden ‘nem. Shit gets maddening, facts Blibbidy blabbedy, blicky go make a casualty. Sticky rolled in a wrap of leaf. I been smoking on rapper weed. Heavily, god been setting me up, for a different pedigree. I’m tryna get out the box, niggas ain’t letting me. Beatrix kiddo when opposition go bury me. I heard that they were killing off dreams, well scary terry me
Out East 01:23
The beans don’t burn in the kitchen. The beans gon burn on the grill. The team don’t learn by division, the team gon earn what they kill. Remember that, like simerlac, I ran up in this bih, like where my dinner at? I act a rooting tooting fool, when I spin the strap. You and so and so still cool? We ain’t into that. We ain’t into nun, bih I’m up to something. I heard a nigga sneak dis, I feel a chuckle coming. I caught em sleeping in the tub and left the water running. I got down with the grimiest, slimiest, paranoid fucking up the blinds and shit, try it bitch. We looked over your story we ain’t buying it. Somebody get they mans, before he on consignment
Run it up, Run it back. Throw it up swish. Run a muck. Paint it black Slytherin, Hiss Cicero Finger roll Goji so, Sama. Please don’t throw no salt on my candle. Black flag vandal, Corner store scandal. Niggas don’t dance no more, We just scramble. 4-5 ramble niggas dropped like Anvil. Po-po slide, We blend in like Randall. Sky Financial, Profit just amplify. My wings don’t fly I take a gamble. Every time I take a dive from that panel. Panorama view. Demand your loot Bend you block so fast I might just go and Crash like Bandicoot. Run your game or keep the change you fucking Filthy animals. I do what Damage do. Then spread like famine do Expand the route I’m international All I ever wanted was a bag full of money. And a new whip so I can dash with the homies. And some new shit I can bump by myself. Everything I do, you know I do it for my health
These niggas gassed up, don’t make me pull a shinobi my niggas mask up. Could have took home an Oscar the way we act up. I took advantage of opportunities you would pass up.Call the connect we calling collect, I’m talking satellite phones, if we call, we collect. Kinda easy when you ball, to put the ball in the net. Niggas earned a couple stripes and now they think they’re a ref. I got a pistol the size of a can of tuna. How you think I would cramp my style with a ruger.?The only thing in my secret windows a shooter. Been in the city a bunch of shakers and movers. I been doing dirt but squeaky clean is the money. The profit go berserk, the rotation moving like laundry. Raining in Seattle, My philly was never sunny. My energy never waiver, soliloquy for a savior. No sympathy for a hater. I swear to god I’ll run circles around your favorites. I’ll turn your top 5 mummified. My talent been bonafide. Every time I go and pick a target it’s homicide. I’m tying up loose ends, you don’t make it far off in this business with new friends. Bag over your head, the old school got a new tint. The wheels straight rusty, pack it in if the shoe fits. I’m on the block like the new kids, I’d rather do a whole lotta dirt than to do bids. When I was down bad money seemed so elusive, but now I got the bag a nigga turned into krushchev.
Shotgun 02:52
Shit don’t get wicked less I decide to, pull a Mcree turn your 6:00 into high noon. A lot of niggas hide they hand, I go devise a plan. My networth more than my network, I been dividing land. Sick of keeping this weight up on me, I’m eating out. A lot of niggas got messages what you rap about? I seen the scenes in the movies you niggas acting out. No passing my passion, rap till I’m passing out. I dropped my jewels on my city niggas was dropping dimes. Never been pressed bout no pressure, my presence stopping time. I need a dollar for all the rappers I should have killed. If I could count it all day, it’s probably worth a mill. Shot gun, hold it down, where we at? Hold it now? It’s simple baby, I ain’t tryna run a muck in your temple baby. I just want to start a flame in your heart no kindle baby. I’m talking boom box outside your window baby. I had a dream I had the world in my palm. Yamamoto on my back with something nice on the arm. I just bought a model 3 and put them thangs on that bitch, it’s funny how the options seem to change when you rich. It’s funny how the toxins do your brain when you lit, I had to slide on a dime, I had to die in a ditch. Came back a wrinkle in time, I put a crease in my forces, I had my nose to the grind. But Hollywood brought divorces, I used to wonder would I get my mojo? Or would I watch my world get bizarre like Jojo. Life drags on, my last tour was a shit show. The fans ain’t even handclap at the tempo.
Get up get up get up get up Back on the interstate, cold case road rage black on the interstate. Popo pull you over pray you ain’t black on the interstate. If you ain’t careful they’ll pin your back on the interstate. Fuck pulling over I had the pack on the interstate, drop it off to hmm hmm, then I’m back on the interstate. Probably headed home, my baby wasn’t my baby I’m feeling so all alone. My manager call and text me I never answer my phone. My cellie got disconnected, my credit card got rejected, These niggas want Michael Weston, I’m looking over my shoulder, the evil in my heart it go toe with the best of a reverend. I had to make peace, I had to take leave. Promise I tear em to pieces, if my piece don’t connect, I’ll scratch it out my releases, they can keep they respect. I choose keep all my genius, I give the leeches the rest. Give no allegiance to stress. I ain’t defeated I’m blessed. I ain’t conceited I’m best. Fuck I look like if I never said that shit with my chest. Fuck I look like if I never tried to cheat on a test. I kept my eyes on your paper, that’s why you came up short. When it was time to collect, you had to make a report. I ain’t never settled down, I rather settle in court.Any nigga try to cross, I’ll kick them all of the court. Tell em who house this is? I go full Rick James tell em who couch this is? Straight cold blooded, they called me crazy like Moses, but watched the greats flood in. You fucking guessed it bitch, I’m joe budden, fitted hat, bubble coat, floodin. Remind you that I’m that nigga, in case you thought I wasn’t.
I wake up around 12:30 The early bird don’ get the worm Worm wood all in my tea nigga, don’t believe me just watch and learn I want an eggs Benedict with no onion Man all these niggas go broke stunting and my team like a gang of ninjas all moving like we just stole something And the cops out here like ghost hunters Antagonize to provoke something Strategize over analyze and then acting like they just know something Y’all niggas be some straight busters Young Carl Johnson with the wife beater. Bionic Bunny with the ant eater. Wing zero gun dam with the heat seeker. I Just want a little light, golden wings so I can fly Later beams from out my open eye Part the sea and rearrange the sky Level 9, pantomime , pedigree, innuendo, in your window there he sleep Dare he breathe, DDTs and Pedigrees, 7 weeks of therapy
Murphy's Law 03:32
Tre deuce errbody playing duck duck goose fuck rules, I been counting down like 3,1,2 good afternoon, the legend of dragoon, got goons. Cash rules, cut it off and the block don’t move. It’s the return of the obvious, nature by the naughtiest, hand clapping, hand dapping, rapping for the audience, for not a cent, it’s really nonsensical, the world is seeming out of it. I’m searching for euphoria, I looked throughout my mind and found phantasmagoria. I found a Phoenix lying dormant in crematorium. The birds shipped out, I heard they landed in Astoria. I hope my niggas got to the chickens before the foreigners. I feel the evil lurkin, I heard the devil working overtime beneath the surface. I speak in parsel tongue, don’t hit me with no sleek deterrent. You play a card and lose your hand, I used to sleep with serpents. I peeped beyond the curtain, I smelled the rubber on the wheel, I heard the Honda skirting. I crashed your graduation party, left your tassel burning. I’m with the band of the hawk, we cover ground by the second like ticking hands on a clock. They disparage my greatness. With these apparent comparisons it been scaring me lately. I see the man in the mirror, my doubts be echoing faintly. And though it weighs on me greatly, I push through conflict innately. My niggas down for the call, we wrote our names on the wall. I’m from the dirt, where we ride 24s and speak with a drawl. Give a fuck bout a Klan. Turn your sheet to a shawl, I make a call and we’ll go populate your street like a mall.
I Can Change 01:55
The sun rose like a million times before. But I know we won’t share that many more. I see the horizon there’s no future to envision. I look down beside me, I see your shadow clearly missing. I could change but I know at the end of the day it’s the same outcome. I could change but I can’t take the pain, being told I’m still not what you want.
I mean literally I don’t think it can get much bigger than me. I been going this hard since a chickadedee. look at how they threw the keys to despicable me. I hit the button you see yellow, 2319. 23 high beams, this ain’t no pipe dream. I been gassed since the isleys told me it’s my thing. Been a beast of no nation I go idi imin, I ain’t conceited I been, a legend in the making every time I step on the scene. Fuck you niggas hating, tell em suck my dick through my jeans. I got a lot on my plate, every time I peice a brick apart I make sure it’s straight. Every time I piece a nigga up I make sure it stick. Every time we do a possecut it’s seal team rick Peep the contrast, I been hiding in my bunker till the bomb blast. Hyperbolic time chamber till the time pass. I teach you how to make a killing shorting dime bags. Too sleazy, too easy. The coups speeding, shoes greasy, slide quickly, birds landing, bi weekly.


Namir Blade controls the clouds and the concrete. With the blink of a synapse, his imagination conjures elaborate visions of valleys of death, bad Tijuana dreams, and shotgun raids. In the next breath, he’s blowing off texts, rolling out of bed around noon, and crooning falsetto pleas about his willingness to change. The Nashville’s latest, Imaginary Everything is a work of teleportation and twisted fantasy, a wig-flipping blast of surrealism and slang editorials. It is a journey and experience. A collaboration with the otherworldly producer, L’Orange.
Most artists favor either hyper-realism or wild futurism, but Blade artfully splits the difference. Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, he offers an artistic conceit and nocturnal panoramas. He reverently communes with the older gods, but also blasts listeners with the jarring experiences of modernity. Scope the seance for Hendrix jamming “Foxy Lady” at 4 a.m. on the last morning of Woodstock, the acid in the headband. Blade channels the boiling revenge funk of James Brown’s “The Big Payback.” But he simultaneously shares a kinship with the most lyrical and raw of the contemporary underground. You can hear it viscerally in Blade’s bars and from guest incantations from Quelle Chris and Fly Anakin. Imaginary Everything is a startling arsenal, a departure from convention, toggling between interior flights of mind and guillotine chops to the neck.
The title track sets things off. L’Orange unleashes a fireball disguised as the best beat that RZA lost in his biblical flood. Blade adds gasoline with acrobatic cadences, boasting about his $5,000 mink coat; the razorblade is kept handy, the killers are on payroll. “Out East” flips the Jeffersons theme for a hook, then drops a minute and twenty seconds of Camp Lo-like slick talk. “Somebody’s Anthem” slaps with tense, soul-drenched narratives a la Ghostface Killah of the Fishscale era, crossed with the melodic crooning of vintage Mos Def. Then on “Human Loop,” Blade removes all pretense to sing vulnerable and bruised vocals, cleansing as a cold rain. Where it might seem incongruous and off-tone after such savage rhyming, it feels strangely ordained. It’s the type of thing Frank Ocean would want to cover.
Anyone who heard Blade’s 2020 album, Aphelion’s Traveling Circus, wouldn’t be surprised by his versatility. On that record, he created an afro-futurist city-space called “NashVegas” that thrived on its bizarre entertainment district. NPR hailed him for being “both ahead of his time and in step with his moment. Nashville public radio’s KNXP praised his “technical skill” and “emotionally revealing storytelling." On  this go-around, L’Orange serves the perfect co-pilot for Blade’s acts of artistic levitation; the producer crafts soundscapes so naturally cinematic, that it’s a wonder that he hasn’t been given his own film development deal.  
Imaginary Everything is proof that sometimes the mundane has to become the extravagant, and sometimes the extravagant can be mundane. In a period grounded by depressive realism and animated fantasy, it offers a portal into a different dimension. The refracted funhouse world of Namir Blade and L’Orange in outlandish color: clean heists and technicolor distortion, slightly hallucinogenic but strangely real. 


released May 7, 2021

All Songs Produced by L'Orange
All Songs Written by Namir Blade

Mixed by Willie Green
Mastered by Joe Hutchinson
Recorded by Namir Blade
Assistant Engineered by Tevin Prince

Cover Art by Odious
Graphic Design by Austin Hart
Vinyl Label by Drew Tetz

"I Can Change" co-written by JS Kodiak

Executive Produced by Michael Tolle & Austin Hart


all rights reserved



L'Orange North Carolina

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